The Jaguar Land Rover plant at Solihull is now fully benefitting from a recent CHP energy centre, designed, installed and maintained by P3P.

Jaguar Land Rover wanted a state-of-the-art solution that would meet their rigorous cost, emissions and efficiency requirements. They also wanted an energy source that was sustainable and secure, and didn’t want to rely on the grid.

The plant needs heat and power 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any interruption to the supply means shutting down the plant, with significant cost and productivity implications.

The customised solution was designed to meet the company’s thermal and electrical load needs. The two 1.5MWe containerised engines replaced an existing CHP installation that was past its useful life.

“Jaguar Land Rover now have a secure, reliable source of clean power, with all the efficiencies and cost savings that come from local CHP energy generation,” says Philip Elborne, the project engineer at P3P responsible for the installation. “The energy centre also helps them meet their corporate sustainability goals, so it’s a success on every level.”