The future’s bright for the Isle of Wight – P3P has secured the development for a 5MW solar farm in Arreton, on the Isle of Wight. This has been achieved before the Government cuts support to new-build solar farms.

Installed over a space of 11.5 hectares, the £5.25m solar photovoltaic power plant will become part of an expanding portfolio of technologies that P3P has developed.

Construction will start in February, and should be completed in time to supply electricity to the grid in March.

Having achieved pre-accreditation for ROO-FIT (Renewable Obligations Order-Feed In Tariff), the solar plant will generate and provide a local supply of renewable electricity for up to 30 years. The solar rays harvested by the farm will be enough to power up to 1500 households. After this period, the unspoiled land can be returned to being farmed.

Our partners on the project include RALOS new energy, who will oversee construction and maintenance of the project. Our other partner, Triple Point, have helped implement the venture as a CIC (Community Investment Company), ensuring it contributes more to the local area than a renewable supply of electricity. This type of scheme allows the project to directly support a charity of choice on the island.

The nature of solar generation requires a relatively small amount of maintenance to operate since it is a ‘passive’ generator, compared to other more time consuming and labour intensive projects such as our energy to waste plant in Hertfordshire.

Instead, the solar photovoltaic cells only require the sun to shine, where on the south coast of England it shines brightest on average throughout the United Kingdom.