Acorn Bioenergy, P3P subsidiary, secures over 18,000 m3/hour of RHI registrations for biomethane injection into gas network

P3P’s dedicated anaerobic digestion, biogas and biomethane upgrading and injection business, Acorn Bioenergy Limited, has now secured Renewable Heat Incentive registration for all 37 of its subsidiary companies. Acorn Bioenergy now expects to inject over 18,000 m3 per hour of biomethane into the national gas infrastructure network at four central injection hubs located around the UK.

The RHI registrations come following a successful judicial review challenge of Ofgem’s decision to reject Acorn’s original applications in 2018.

“We are incredibly proud to have navigated successfully through a difficult judicial review process which concluded with a reversal of the original unlawful RHI rejection decisions for the claimant companies and ultimately the further RHI awards to our larger portfolio of biomethane projects. Acorn Bioenergy now has the potential to build out one of the largest biomethane portfolios in the country.”

“Thanks to the vision, tenacity and unwavering support of P3P Partners, Acorn Bioenergy is now fully committed to developing its portfolio of biomethane injection facilities. Biomethane will play an immediate role in decarbonising the UK’s most hard to abate sectors in transport, industry, and agriculture. With our registrations now approved by Ofgem, Acorn Bioenergy expects to make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s Net Zero targets.”